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Title: Flash Game - Space
Budget: Between $250 and $500
Location: Not Disclosed
Time Left: Ended


This is a multiplayer game, made in Flash. I will also need it to work in a Facebook application, keeping track of user's points and such, linking to their facebook ID.

I will host the application on my linux server. Use PHP and MySQL for server side.

You have a ship(s)
You accept contracts and fulfill them for money
A score is kept for you so people can know how much they can trust you
Be a pirate and steal from others or work for your money
There are one or more resources (IE: water, ore)
When you have enough resources you can do the expedition option. This randomly selects a planet you discover. You now own the planet and can now sell its resources or build items to keep or sell.
Flying in your ship takes place pretty quickly. You fly from point A to point B, or you steal stuff. This is 2d or 3d.
You can pirate, transport, escort, or be a bounty hunter.
Trade of resources takes place at Market points. This is why resources need to be delivered at all.
Planets cannot be attacked or taken.
Ships CAN be attacked and resources stolen. But ships cannot be destroyed or lose parts permanently. Only when you are “killed” you re spawn at the starting point with your ship, but a loss of resources, maybe all, maybe just some.
Build out your ship with new parts such as weapons, armor and engines.
New parts for ships are developed on a regular basis by players. If there is a lack of parts then the system automatically makes them.
Players build the parts and send to one of the markets. They use resources to build them. Or they can just sell raw resources.
All contracts are available to everyone regardless of where the player is.
There are different sectors. Transporting resources might be close or far, depending on where stuff needs to go.
Price of goods is determined automatically by supply and demand. It is unique for each marketplace.
To buy or sell resources a person must travel to a market.
Battles and transport take place in arenas. The person who creates the contract waits for a queue to be filled with other player ships. Then they let the queue open up for game play. The ships have different objectives: to escort or transport or to pirate. If a ship dies it is respawed for game play again. If a transport ship dies the mission is failed, and the pirates win.
Players can chat with other players.


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