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Aaaron Data Solutions Pvt Ltd
Weaving Tomorrow - Getting the missing part of business for you

Our Services AARON Data Solutions provides a spectrum of products and services to help your business get better every day, including: Powerful reporting software
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Weaving Tomorrow – Clear QA Powerful web-based reporting software gives you the best of both worlds: understand, analyze and improve your customer experience using in-house evaluations Weaving Tomorrow – Clear QA is ADS’s groundbreaking software solution that helps companies of all sizes improve contact, operational and marketing performance, driving improvements in the metrics that are important to them. The quality assurance module – ClearQA - gives you reports and intelligence that go well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. The reports include useful direction and real advice for improving agent behavior on the evaluations performed for your agents and/or supervisors can log-in to Weaving Tomorrow’s ClearQA module at any time and review evaluations, listen to recorded calls and view up-to-the-minute reports With Weaving Tomorrow – Clear QA, procedural scores from phone email and chat evaluations can be combined together. Then the combined scores can be tied back to each and every individual agent, for personalized feedback — and improvement. ClearQA reports are available for agents, supervisors and managers and can be filtered by date, campaign, contact center, communication vehicle, C-SAT score, procedural scores and more. Weaving Tomorrow – Clear QA Features & Options
? Any Where Evaluations — Evaluations performed by your internal team
? Best-in-Class Forms — a complete library of QA forms for your needs
? QA Score Appeals — One-click appeals with routing
? Remote Calibrations — Powerful calibration forum
? Remote Call Auditing — Audit anytime, anywhere
? Remote Coaching — More powerful coaching tools just a click away
? Hosted Reporting — Standard, best-in-class and ad-hoc reporting
? Anyone Roster Management — easily manage rosters & calls remotely

Comment Analysis Unlock the power of your comment data! Easily learn the real root-causes of performance issues by listening to your customers.
? Flexible solution for all your unstructured data – open ended survey responses, evaluation comments, agent case notes, chat sessions, email sessions and much more.
? A sophisticated algorithm, along with a highly personal touch, transforms your data into meaningful insights.
? Insightful recommendations provide key insights and actions to help you increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
? Ongoing analysis monitors trends in customer behavior, operational performance or any other area that’s important to you.
Exception Management The first and only automated Exception Management solution! Monitor your Key Performance Indicators and receive instant notifications when a performance issue first appears.
? Seamless set–up – By providing as little as six months worth of historical data, AARON Data Solutions can establish your baseline and begin tracking your Key Performance Indicators going forward.
? Using cutting edge statistical algorithms, our solution will detect the first signs of a performance issue and notify you immediately.
? Identify performance issues, corresponding key-drivers, root-causes, and the solution path to take.
? Drive improvements in revenue, costs and customer satisfaction.

Facilitate Monthly Executive Advocacy Meetings – AARON Data Solutions can help your executive management team to truly understand operational specifics of your business – and their true impact on business success by pulling all the business intelligence data into one monthly meeting. Comprehensive Complaint/Comment Analytics – Get a detailed look at customer complaints and comments and learn how to differentiate between changes that would be "nice to have" vs. those you "need to have." Call Flow & Talk Time Analytics – AARON Data Solutions will analyze you

Total Quality Management
Business Process Management
Six Sigma
Desing for Six Sigma
Design of Experiement

India - Delhi, Delhi


1-3 years

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