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1ProTS Software Solutions is an ideal software product development partner for companies globally. We work in collaboration with our customers to develop engineer software products for consumers and enterprises. Our deep technology skills and significant experience in designing, building, testing and releasing world-class, robust and scalable software products help us to cut costs, reduce risk and improve business results for our customers. We are software outsourcing company specialized in product engineering services, IT outsourcing services, Microsoft .Net custom software applications. We specialize in business applications.
1ProTS offers services in:
(a) Website Development & Testing
(b) Software Development & Testing
(c) Professional Services – Software integration, customization and custom application development.

Our teams build products that meet the rigorous and evolving requirements of the competitive marketplace. From requirements to support, Proteans combines the talent of highly capable engineers with market-proven software industry practices to create solutions that cover the entire product lifecycle. We engage with software development companies through all of the following product development phases:
* Requirement Specification: specifying the product’s requirement from users’ and system’s perspective; use cases; story boards.
* Product Planning : creating a roadmap for product development lifecycle. Specifying development plan, test plan, quality objectives, schedules, risk management strategy, resource plan.
* Architecture / High Level Design: creating the ‘best-fit’ technical architecture of the product with details of subsystems, components, interfaces and interaction among them.
* Detailed Design: developing a thorough low level design of all of a subset of components of the system. This effort leads to compressive understanding of all artifacts involved in the product with details to classes and important methods. It may result in class, activity, and interaction diagrams.
* Feature Planning: Today the software products are built incrementally, with features being added in iterations. We help our customers in planning when and how a feature will be built and incorporated in the product.
* Feature Design: Developing detailed design, identifying development tools and standards, design reviews, configuration management planning, test planning and quality assurance in planning a feature.
* Feature Development: Developing and testing code in readiness for system testing by QA team.
* Internal Testing: Creating quality-testing test scenario and documenting results, managing issues and bugs, and preparing system for beta release.
* Beta Testing: Incorporating feedback of beta testing to product before releasing for general availability.
* Release: Releasing product in the market with complete documentation.

We innovate to develop products faster, better and cheaper.

Current global super competitive environment has highlighted many challenges:
* The requirement to work closely across sites and divisions as well as with external suppliers has grown.
* The time and budget allotted for implementing enterprise solutions has been cut.
* The need for quality, innovation, and rapid time to market is increasingly pressing.

1ProTS helps software product companies worldwide in architecting, designing, building, testing, and maintaining great software products. We have deep expertise and vast experience in software product engineering and we know it inside out!

* We have specialists for every aspect of software development – specification, business analysis, architecture, component design, UI design, development, process, testing, quality assurance, documentation, and support.

Despite recent trends towards outsourcing and use of packaged applications, internal application development still constitutes the lion's share of the software development market. Even though packaged applications such as CRM and ERP applications are able to meet common enterprise needs, a sizable portion of enterprise requirements are too specific to be met adequately by packaged applications. Custom software development then is the only right solution to address this problem. Corporate IS/IT organizations will continue to outsource the development of internal applications in the foreseeable future.


Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh,


1-3 years

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