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AAMCAD, based in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a leading forerunner in providing CAD services to Engineering and Architectural consultants and Contractors in the country. In the last 5 years the company has attained a solid reputation for dependability and professionalism. We are now catering to CAD outsourcing requirements of overseas companies looking for cost-effective and professional CAD outputs.

We offer personalized design and drafting services relationships and flexible options for workflow integration, overlap hours, and realtime communications that works for you. We offer CAD and Drafting services in the fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

We are a team of experienced Architects, Engineers, IT professionals, CAD operators and 3D modelers who have worked as a unit for the last five years. All the members of the team are very well conversant with software’s like AutoCAD Micro station, 3ds max, Photoshop, Corel draw etc. The organization is very well equipped with regularly upgraded state of art computers and accessories. we are also equipped with fastest the communication facilities available in the country.

As the team is in operation in the local market it becomes much more easier for AAMCAD to serve their overseas client at the most cost effective price. Our services cater to client's desired format, standard and time schedule.. Services offered are cost-wise most cost effective and standard wise most professional. Clients are requested to contact us for further elaboration.

Services offered:
Raster to Vectors conversion
Architectural presentation drawings
Construction drawings and detailings
3-D wire frame drawings

Our offshore drafting facility offers a substantial cost difference due to the labor-intensive nature of CAD and drafting services. The offshore management has requisite skills to deliver drawings of the best quality in various CAD disciplines. The time gap of 4 to 12 hours between our offshore facility's timings and that of Europe and the United States effectively ensures the extension of their working to almost 24 hours. Moreover our facility works six days a week and operates for 08 hours a day. A significant portion of this cost differential is passed on to the Client.

Hourly Labor Rate
Our hourly rate for CAD Services vary depending upon the field and the job specification. Invoices are raised after work is accomplished.

CAD Services
Rate in US $ per man hour.

Redrafting or Raster to vector conversion- $5/hour
Architectural presentations including plans, elevations, sections etc.-$7/hour
Electrical, Plumbing etc. $5/hour
Architectural construction documents $5/hour
Conversion of existing 2D designs to 3D solid model data. $9/hour

Every job is estimated accurately based on specific man hour cost and item methods. There is no guess work in our estimation or our performance. Lumpsum quotes can be given after receiving the scope of work.

Other Charges
Charges for design changes, Hard Copies, etc. shall be billed separately as per instructions.

Normally we provide 15 days credit with progress billing every 15 days.

Payment in your equivalent currency may be wire transferred through your Bank or a cheque may be mailed to our Dhaka office after the receipt of the invoice.
Payment can be also made through Major Credit Cards

Bangladesh - Dhaka,


4-6 years

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