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A Provider of Finance and Accounting BPO

For the accounting and finance service, Pumasource has teamed up with the most reputable and oldest chartered accountancy firms in India: PK Chopra & Co, Chartered Accountants is one of only two International Association of Practicing Accountants (IAPA) members in India and has 43 years experience in the industry. The joint entity spearheading PK Chopra’s BPO services is Accountantz©.

Accountantz understands that choosing to outsource administrative processes is a critical business decision. It’s not just a matter of money – the integrity and bottom line of the company is at stake. An experienced partner is required who values your customers and data with as much confidentiality as you do.

We are committed to delivering industry-leading strategic outsourcing solutions. Our commitment and innovation, strengthened by the expertise of our people, ensures that client’s expectation are met and exceeded at every level.

We provide clients with a one-stop-shop solution with all A&F procedures that conform to all international standards. These include the bank reconciliation, maintenance of books and records, as well as the preparation of financial statements. With use of the latest document management systems, web-enabled technology and software solutions (such as Sun, Sage, Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP), we are capable of operating a department of any size.

Some of the services on offer:

• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Billing
• Cash disbursements
• Financial analysis
• Financial reporting
• Inventory accounting
• Payroll
• Budgeting
• Tax co-sourcing
• Travel and expenses
• Asset valuation
• Records management
• General accounting
• MIS reports
• Asset accounting and management
• Market entry strategies and survey
• Cash application
• Debit and credit card services
• Transaction processing

We drive efficiencies in two ways. First we apply innovative technology solutions to reduce the amount of labor required across every process. Then we draw on high-quality, low-cost manpower both domestically and offshore to complete transactions.

As with all Pumasource services, accounting and finance is available in three operating models:

• Flexible
• Managed
• Build, Operate and Transfer

Pumasource is an expanding UK based firm servicing the SME market by providing solutions and services in outsourcing a multitude of business processes. By utilising our multiple state of the art data centers in India, we are helping them take advantage of the global economy in turn creating value within their business.

Experience management team with extensive local knowledge.
Highly skilled & trained staff.
Specialists in non-voice outsourcing.
State of the art infrastructure and multiple facilities.

We at Pumasource are aware of the concerns that arise within outsourcing. Taking this in mind, each organisation is dealt with on an individual basis carving flexible solutions geared towards achieving the best results for both parties.

Pumasource offers an adaptable approach to outsourcing for SME’s. Our services and business models are not limited just to large-scale operations hence there is no minimum requirement. Sole proprietor outfits to large sales driven business media companies are currently benefiting from Pumasource’s business process support services. Our operational models are flexible to compliment your business process whatever your organization size.

The flexible outsourcing operational model is the most simple and effective for continuous cost savings. Rather than having an on going financial commitment, this option allows organisations to take advantage of each one of our services on an ad-hoc or pay as you go basis.

This option is ideal if your organisations workload differs during different times of the year. Again this option is also ideal for sole proprietors or companies looking for immediate cost savings from the benefits of offshore outsourcing.

The managed outsourcing business model allows your organization to concentrate on its core activities whilst we run the non-critical processes. With this the project plans and decision-making is all done by your organization and we simply carry out the procedures. This is done by a contractual agreement, which outlines which functions and responsibilities that lie with each party.

This option can appeal to a wide range of organisations, which require the benefits of offshore outsourcing but still want managerial control without having to venture offshore.

BOT is quite self-explanatory. In this model we will build with our existing team, processes and infrastructure a facility in India for the client. For a period of time (a pre set time period) we will operate the facility bring it up to the standard required, bringing together the right people, technologies and processes. Once the facility has reached a steady state of operation we will transfer management to the client, completing the cycle BOT.

United Kingdom - London,


11+ years

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