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A Worldscall Inc.
Outsourcing, inbound/outbound calls, tele-marketing, bpo

Customer Support services include:
Email Response Management. Data Intensive Response - We work with our clients to build/ access exhaustive knowledge bases and response templates. We make sure that we are periodically updated about relevant business issues/ decisions taken by the client to enable us to respond better to the customer.
Robust Process Design - The process workflow is designed to cater to diverse situations. Our extensive knowledge base enables us to access concise and accurate responses to customer queries and problems. Exceptional cases are escalated first to WSC's Quality Editors and Team Leaders and subsequently to the client using a carefully designed escalation process.
Strong Quality Orientation - At WSC, quality is a vital independent function. Our quality editors ensure that responses are framed in a structured form and are accurate and complete in all respects. They also facilitate quality delivery through random checks and ongoing assistance to our customer care specialists.
One Contact Resolution - We try to anticipate the customer's next question and attempt to make the first response as comprehensive as possible to ensure one contact resolution. Our customer care specialists are measured in terms of the number of repeat messages they need to process for the same customer and for related queries.
Answering Service. If you think the question is how important your answering service is, the real questions are these: how important is your face, your voice, your smile? The minute you turn your phones over to an answering service, the person who answers the call becomes the face of your company, the voice of your business ethic, and the smile (or frown) of your customer service staff.

Product Information Requests
800Answering Services - There are many advantages to 800 answering services. Having a toll-free number available to your customers makes you more accessible to them. It also shows them that you are ready to be responsive to their needs. We provide you with a dedicated line of your own.
The cost of toll-free numbers is now within reach of many medium and small businesses. The pay back for getting one is often a decrease in the number of customers who cancel their accounts due to after-hours problems. This reduction goes right to your bottom line.
Live Chat Support. Our 24/7 representatives are offering support via Online Live Chat, always there to assist your customers.

Technical Support:
Troubleshooting for products and services
Outsource your technical support needs to WSC and gain a team of well skilled and talented professionals. Our Support team is meticulously trained on your products, technology and method of operations, thus, our consultants become your tech support team and deliver personalized attention and customer care to your most demanding customers
Reduce Support Costs
Improve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
Increase First Time Resolution Rates
Improve Agent Efficiency and Customer Response Times
Boost First Time Resolution Rates

BPO: Application processing
Database reconciliation
Account verification, confirmation, opening
Mailer dispatch
Account opening & administration
Pre-screening / reviewing of applications
Writing and assembling of contracts
Document Issuance
Claims processing
Account administration
Data processing/ validation
Dispute resolution
Correspondence management
Service changes
Documentation/records maintenance
Account amendments and audit checks
Correspondence/statement generation
Customer data management
Accounts reconciliation
Accounts payable
Bills reconciliation
Clearing and settlements
Liability processing
Processing of refunds
Adjustment and transfers
Marketing Solutions: Lead generation / qualification
Promoting new services or products
Research surveys
Product Surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Appointment Setting

WSC possesses proven business expertise and an enviable track record in servicing technology, retailer and hospitality industries, providing higher value and quality through operational excellence, 24x7 support and flexibility.

Industries served:
Manufacturing: Technology

Retail: Online & Traditional

Hospitality: Travel


Manufacturing: Technology
IT support services for a variety of technical products including: desktops, PCs, laptops, PDAs, displays, printers, input/output cards, routers, hubs, switches, wireless products and storage devices.

IT infrastructure application and product support including: server monitoring, worldwide network management, server maintenance support for Linux-based e-mail, web, proxy, firewall, VPN, database, LDAP and customized applications

Systems integration and data entry services for popular ERP and CRM systems software.

Flexible customer-contact-center solutions for process-value additions.

Retail: Online & Traditional

Inbound voice, e-mail and chat
Customer care
Order management
Up-sell and cross-sell
Credit card services
Outbound voice and e-mail

Schedule changes
Transaction processing

Forms and rebate processing
Credit card management
Loyalty program management
Data entry
Customer correspondence

Hospitality: Travel

Inbound voice, e-mail and chat
Customer support
Reservation processing
Address changes
Loyalty programs
Up-sell and cross- sell
Outbound voice and e-mail

Schedule changes
Transaction processing

Loyalty program management
Baggage tracking and handling
Form processing

Technical and Helpdesk support (installation and activation, service configuration, technical query resolution, remote IT and network management and managed services for hosted applications)

Being an Outsourcing Company our prices are very low. We look forward to achieve more Customers interested in decreasing their costs and increasing the services quality.
Here at Worldscall you can win more than some services, but more customers.

The prices are set upon your project, and the number of Customer Support Representatives required.

WSC is ready to service you in no more than 2-3 weeks from the moment we have signed the contract. In this time WSC focuses on training the CSRs and tests.

For any further information please contact us.

Romania - Bucharest,


4-6 years

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