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Industrial Outsourcing Consultancy Service

51OUTSOURCING, the first independent third-party industrial outsourcing consultancy service provider in China, strives to provide international and domestic customers with cutting-edge industrial outsourcing conception and mind stuff.

Our outsourcing professionals come from various industrial fields, and we will also promise to help deliver a rapid return of the customers' outsourcing efforts in booming globalization of IT services.

Please ask us for newsletters, marketing research documents and other file resources in which you are interested. If you have any problems on outsourcing business, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Software Outsourcing
HR Outsourcing
Financial Outsourcing
IT Outsourcing
Call Center Outsourcing
Logistics Outsourcing
Supply Chain Outsourcing
E-Commerce Outsourcing

51OUTSOURCING provides you with the following professional services which may fit your company's outsourcing strategy:

(1) Software outsourcing marketing research and analysis
There are so much market information and data every cyber day, and people may already get tired from those unnecessary or incorrect ones, which also will result in corporates' misleading judgment. 51OUTSOURCING promises to deliver a spectrum of market research and analysis reports on software outsourcing industry as per clients' request, and to correct clients' industrial viewpoints so that an appropriate business strategy can be decided and implemented.

(2) Buyer consulting service
Overseas buyers are not much familiar with China's software outsourcing market. Compared with India, China has its own outsourcing potentials and advantages. 51OUTSOURCING helps overseas buyers realize the oversall market situation and find qualified service providers. 51OUTSOURCING believes that the biggest is not the best, while the most appropriate is.

(3) Seller consulting service
China does not lack of service providers ('Seller') but those who have a vision of globalization of IT services. It always takes a very long time for providers to try to pursue descent clients due to different mutual interests. 51OUTSOURCING helps providers structure international business strategy and shorten direct sales cycle.

(4) Online bidding service
Online bidding is a major function set upon 51OUTSOURCING's professional internet platform. Utilizing this platform, buyers and providers('Seller') can make more effective communication based on detailed project requirements. Bidding process will be implemented through backend management of 51OUTSOURCING's platform and all the successful and unsuccessful deal information will be released right at the time of deadline.

(5) Seller rating analysis service
51OUTSOURCING makes a fair seller rating analysis based on each and every information from buyers.

Please contact us for more information on prices, payment terms, etc.

China - Shanghai, Shanghai


11+ years

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