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A Prime BPO Service Provider in China
Hangzhou Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd.

• Hangzhou Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1996
• Headquarters is in Hangzhou, China
• Current market value is USD $110 million
• Registered capital is USD $11.55 million
• Employee number is about 1800
• Sales revenue in 2004 is USD $45.33 million
• There are 15 subsidiaries and 21 branches in major cities of China, overseas branches in USA, Japan and Hong Kong

Sunyard has taken up BPO services since 2002, and it can perfectly handle various kinds of BPO tasks, such as data entry, scanning, archiving and etc.

At present, there are about 1000 employees working in BPO business, including 800 people working for domestic market in more than 20 cities across China, and 200 people working in Japanese BPO business. Clients in domestic market are mainly from well-known banks, insurances, telecom, securities, government and etc. Clients in Japanese market are IBM (Japan), Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc., a Japanese press institute and etc.

There is a product named as the e-document image processing system in Sunyard, which makes data processing much convenient, in which system the OCR Engine was developed by Sunyard. OCR Engine greatly improves the capability of data entry and ensures to reach 99.95% or greater accuracy.

An electronic badge access system is installed in each floor entrance and security-sensitive rooms, centralized video monitoring equipments are installed in very strategic points on each floor. Document and data are transferred through VPN or encrypted transmissions.

Backup and disaster recovery procedures are implemented to avoid data loss and minimize downtime in the way of real-time, dual servers and offline backup. Redundant circuit and field are in place.

As requested, source documents can be returned, stored securely, or destroyed.

Security training and awareness program, and signed confidentiality pledges are required for all employees.

The 9-story headquarters with 200,000 square feet office space is solely owned property by Sunyard which is guarded 24 hours a day. 100M LAN connection is in service for all employees. Team of internal network and programming staff is also required to work for BPO projects in Sunyard.

Data Entry
• Double or triple entry
• Look-up tables to select or auto-fill correct data
• Logical checks between fields or indexes
• Human proofreading/quality checking techniques
• OCR/ICR plus verification

Form Processing
• Sales statistics
• Database
• Meteorology
• Attendance checking
• Marketing and customer surveys

Online Data Entry
• Prevent access, downloads or copying of confidential documents or information
• Save the time and cost of uploading and downloading images and files
• Control and track batches and output
• Combine outsource, offshore and in-house work teams

Scanning Services
Targets of scanning services are:
• Books of all sizes
• Paper of all sizes and thicknesses
• Engineering and construction documents
• Periodicals
• Cards of any size
• Microfilm/microfiche
• Aperture card

Sunyard developed its own "OCR Engine" and it is applied in our BPO business. The major service categories are:
• Full text capture – all text, graphics, chart, etc
• Structured forms capture – marks in some box or field
• Unstructured document capture – specific logical information

• 99.95% or greater accuracy
• Usually 2 typings and 1 proofreading
• With stricter requirements, 3 typings and 2 proofreading’s
• Make checks for the "historical frequent errors"
• Our overall QA system includes procedures and schedules for data entry, validation checking, random quality checks and output delivery

We are very open in our terms of prices. Since we have a number of years experience in BPO business, we can provide very short turnaround time for your projects. We are looking for a long term relationship in BPO business cooperation. We may provide a free service for your first pilot project to test our capability. After that we will provide a competitive price for your projects.

China - Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province


7-10 years

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