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Records 91 to 100 of 232 for Romania Outsourcing
GZK Software Romania Romania - Bucharest
GZK Software focuses on innovation, communication and collaboration in the process of producing software solutions that empower the growing business enterprise. We are a Romanian company established in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania. Today, we have a pr...
Havris Romania Romania - Bucuresti
Webdesign, ecommerce
We are a WEB development company and we provide a wide range of services. If you have a website to be built don't hesitate to contact us. We can customize a ready made script to make it work as you need, or we can build a website from scratch....
Heaven Solutions Romania Romania, Iasi
Use Best Practices, Avoid Reinventing the Wheel and Keep IT Simple and Smar
The company is developing projects on outsourcing bases for clients from Holland and USA and can also work on independent projects on request. By professionalism, ambition and hard work we are eager to become an important company not only in Romania...
Helion Systems Romania Romania - Oradea, Bihor
We are a multi-national computer programming company. Our headquarters are in Stei – Bihor – Romania, but we also have two working points, one in Oradea – Bihor – Romania (15 km from the hungarian country border) and one in Bucharest – Romania, and ...
HQSoftware Consulting Romania Romania - Bucharest
Reliable software systems
HQSoftware offers its customers software development, software architecture definition, application migration tuning and reengineering services. We specialize in building reliable solutions on top of leading open source and commercial software devel...
Ideosoft Design Romania Romania - Bucharest
We’ve Invested in the Best Programmers and Technicians So You Don’t Have To
We are a web development company, located in Bucharest, Romania, called Ideosoft Design SRL. We are planning to expand our company and we are looking for outsourcing partners. We’ve invested in the best programmers and technicians so that you don’t ...
InfoBest Romania Romania Romania - Timisoara
INFOBEST Romania SRL specializes in the development of standard and customer specific applications. Its core competencies encompass Web technologies, C++, Java, JavaScript, LotusNotes, Domino. Offers a broad range of standard business applications: ...
INNOVATIVE IT Romania Romania - Iasi, Iasi
Outsourcing software services
We are looking for a long and productive partnership in the IT/software projects field. Our strong points are: long business experience (more than 6 years), wide variety of software projects accomplished, extensive know-how in a cutting-edge tech...
Inocentric Ltd. Romania Romania - Iasi, Iasi
Romanian Outsourcing
Design Inocentric designs for you software applications, accordingly to your requirements. If we talk about the structure of an interface or about the size of some table fields, the design is an important part of the project. Once we have all the...
Inteligent Consult Romania Romania
young and dynamic testing team
young and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and dynamic testing teamyoung and...
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